Converting EMLX to PST (A Better Alternative)

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For converting EMLX to PST, you need a third party file converter. Those converters are frequently failing to achieve the results users wanted. The most important part of data migration — converting data without data loss — is what they don’t do.

Here is a little bit of introduction before we reveal the best way to do the Apple Mail migration:

The approach for Converting EMLX to PST

EMLX file is associated with Apple Mail. They are stored in mailbox folders inside the ‘Mail’ folder, which is an identity folder. Likewise, PST is an archived file format for Windows Outlook. It stores a large amount of data locally for Windows Outlook. EMLX file is not compatible with Windows Outlook.

And, if you are looking for an EMLX to PST converter to move your Apple Mail data, you should stop doing so. Because there is a far better, quick, and safe approach that can get you to where you want to go.

Apple Mail Migration Tool

Mail Extractor Pro” is an email migration tool developed by USL Software to move Mac Mail data to Windows Outlook PST files. But it does so in a different method. It doesn’t need EMLX files (Nor does it need MBOX files, which are the archived file format for Mac Mail).

converting emlx to pst

Mail Extractor Pro” directly loads the ‘Mail’ folder that already contains the EMLX and MBOX files. The difference here is that you don’t need to manually archive data or look for the EMLX files in your Mac drive.

Mail Extractor Pro — Convert Apple Mail database, EMLX, MBOX to PST file format for MS Outlook (both Mac & Windows).

This simple change brings the kind of features that you have always looked for in email migration tools.

Data accuracy:

Everything is converted neatly. There are no missing items, no data corruption, and no unwanted modification of anything.


It is far easier to just click a button to get the data ready for conversion, than to manually look for EMLX files or archive data to MBOX files, and dozens of other manual tasks.


Email migration or more precisely, converting EMLX to PST used to be a lengthy. Through the direct approach of “Mail Extractor Pro,” it will now be done in a matter of few minutes, depending on the size of your data.

convert emlx to pst

And now, here is a list of the main components of data that any other regular tool often fails to convert. But with the advanced data extraction logic employed in “Mail Extractor Pro” you get all of them converted to PST with sharp precision:

  • Embedded images
  • Non-English text
  • Metadata and headers (to, from, subject, cc, bcc)
  • Email Attachments
  • Nested messages
  • Formatting of the text inside email bodies
  • S/MIME defined content
  • Folder hierarchy

Download it for Apple Mail Migration

Do not hold up. “Mail Extractor Pro” is certainly the best solution you could get to cleanly transform your data from Mac Mail to PST files. It includes all the features you had ever wished for, that a regular EMLX to PST converters cannot offer because of the limited functionality.

Download it below, and try it out using the free trial mode for converting EMLX to PST.

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