Import OST to Outlook 365 Not Possible for Everyone!

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Email related tasks that are technically complex can be time-consuming even for the best skilled users. But for average users, it is often impossible to go through the complicated data files and mechanisms to get the job done well. This is not to say that it cannot be done, but if often can be too complex and time consuming that it is not practical for them.

Import OST to Outlook 365 Mac & Win

This is not only applicable for the task to import OST to Outlook 365 but is most applicable for it.

Since OST is not meant for any manual data operations and is only an internal file for Outlook, doing anything with the file can be beyond difficult.

Impossible With Manual

Firstly, it is not possible to do anything with the file manually. You need a software utility that can make changes internally using sophisticated algorithms. Secondly, to make it happen without a lot of overwhelming user-inputs is next to impossible. And lastly, even if everything is achieved, the end result could be below what you were expecting in terms of data quality and fidelity.

Data Accuracy & Safety

The last point matters most to all the users. What if you lost your important attachments, or the photos that were embedded with emails, or contacts and all those non-English email addresses of your international clients?

Such defects could range from mildly annoying to disastrous and non-acceptable.

But the good news here is that with a correct tool, this all could be avoided. Only that most tools to import OST to Outlook 365 are anything but. And you could get lost in a deep rabbit-hole of sloppy converters.

Recommended tool to Import OST to Office 365

This is why we recommend you to get ‘OST Extractor Pro’ confidently and know that whatever the concerns we stated above or you might have are gone with this excellent software.

import ost to outlook 365

OST Extractor Pro’ has the refined and calibrated algorithms that are unlike any other. It delivers high precision over every content the files may have stored. The tool is also appreciated by experts for handling large files conversion in bulk.

The company, USL Software, has managed to meet the expectations of both high-end and home users quite completely. You get the finest features an OST converter tool can have, along with the friendliest interface. You could begin using it now and have no problems whatsoever.

It works by converting OST to PST, and then you can import PST to Outlook 365. The benefit of PST file is that you can use it with almost all versions of Outlook even including the Mac 2011 and 2016 versions. In the same way, the tool is compatible with OST files from all Outlook versions.

import ost to outlook

Get it to Import OST to Outlook 365

Get the trial edition to see it in action. The features are all unlocked for you to test it out thoroughly for converting up to ten items per folder within an OST file. You could see how the features perform with your uniquely personal database and how the output files are delivered. It is a great way to gain confidence without any risks.

The setup file can be downloaded below without any signup forms or anything like that. ‘OST Extractor Pro’ is available for both Mac and Windows platform, whichever one you prefer.

Get it today to import OST file to Office 365 / Outlook 365.

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