MBOX to Outlook Mac – A Guide for all Different Scenarios!

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MBOX to Outlook Mac conversion refers to moving the data like emails and other items. But since Outlook for Mac does not support MBOX file, you are forced to convert the file or try other manual methods. Outlook Mac natively supports OLM and also lets you import PST files, which is natively for Windows Outlook client.

How to migrate MBOX to Outlook Mac

Below are two methods, you can try

  1. Manual Method using IMAP Account
  2. Using Third Party Tool

#1 Manual Method: IMAP Account

If you have an IMAP supported email account, you could configure your Mac Mail and Outlook Mac with that account and then sync data using the IMAP protocol. You need to import MBOX to Mac Mail and get all stuff to the servers. Then sync back from the servers to Outlook client.

If you do not already have any email account with IMAP supporting protocol, you can make one in Gmail. It is free and allows 15 GB of storage.

There are merits and demerits of this approach. The most obvious is that Gmail and other services offer only upto 15GB or even less. If your MBOX files have larger sized data, you need to perform all the steps multiple times, which can take quite a lot of your time.

Another drawback is the huge internet downloading and uploading required. You are basically first uploading the data and then downloading. Not only do you need fast connection, but also enough data bandwidth.

#2 Through Third-party tools: MBOX to PST

Another method is to convert the MBOX file. This does not require any email account, IMAP or otherwise. But it does require a third-party tool that can convert the file without the loss of information during the transition. It is not free (since most converters are not free, definitely not the best ones) and require installation of a third-party software application on your computer.

But other than that, using a professional utility to help you with this is the most efficient and quick way to get around to data migration.

With the help of a reliable tool that comes from a reliable source, you can be free of all concerns regarding data safety, partial conversion, and so on.

USL Software Reinventing the Wheels, Offering Much Better Approach

One tool that is recommended very commonly is “Mail Extractor Pro.” It is offered by USL Software, which should eliminate almost half of your concerns instantly. USL Software is the most acknowledged and reliable name in email migration domain. Their tools and utilities have helped thousands of users and hundreds of small and large-scale companies to migrate databases across various email clients.

mbox to outlook

“Mail Extractor Pro” brings a simple interface but advanced features, and even more advanced inner framework that process the information cleanly. There are no errors and missing components generally seen with manual methods and generic converters.

  • The tool also lets you convert Apple Mail database directly from the profile/identity directory.
  • There is a manual option to remove any unwanted folder from the results (PST)
  • PST is supported by both Outlook Mac and Windows’ version, so the tool can help you migrate data in both platforms.
  • The option to split large PST files come in handy with large MBOX file.
mbox to outlook mac

Free Trial Copy Availble to Instant-Download Now Without CC Details or Any Sign-up

Get the trial copy now. The setup or installer file can be downloaded from the official download page. No need to sign-up for anything or fill out any form. The link is for the direct .dmg setup file. You can download it, install it, and launch the free trial mode in less than two minutes. Run it on your machine and watch it interact with your personal MBOX files to get a better idea of how tool suits your demands and goals.

mbox to outlook mac conversion

It has helped many individuals and even large corporations import MBOX to Outlook 365 Mac/Windows PST files in an effortless and safe manner.

And the tech support takes away any concerns of unexpected setbacks or uniquely problematic databases of certain users. They will take you through your journey of MBOX to PST conversion seamlessly, if you do need a backup hand (though the tool’s UI makes it possible for everyone to seamlessly interact and apply the features).

mbox to mac outlook

Get rid of dozens of complex and confusing manual techniques. They don’t work most of the time and if they do, they can eat up your time substantially.

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