Convert MBOX to PST Freeware or Paid Professional Tools?

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Convert MBOX to PST Freeware or using a professional paid tools? A question that many has in their minds. After reading this post, you will have no trouble choosing the correct path for your email migration!

Convert MBOX to PST Freeware vs PRO

In this post, we are going to discuss if you should go with freeware tools or paid, professional ones to convert MBOX to PST.

But if you are new to this whole scene of email file conversion, here’s a bit of a background info.

What are MBOX and PST files?

MBOX is a file initially associated with Mac Mail but is a more generic format today for storing emails and other related information like contacts and calendar data. Even Google allows users to download their data into an MBOX format. Whereas PST is a proprietary format for Windows Outlook to store, archive, import, export, and migrate data. And it cannot be used to export data to any other client, nor can Outlook use any other file format to import data.

So, all MBOX files must be first converted to PST format. And this is where most users often find themselves struggling to decide whether they should go with a freeware solution or buy a professionally developed application.

If you will read the forums on internet or follow any email migration blogs, you’d realized quickly that free solutions often end up making it worse for the users. They lure them due to the “free” tag but doesn’t offer any kind of features that let them convert the files properly.

So, let’s find out what makes converting MBOX to PST using freeware tools such a pain in the neck as compared to using a professionally developed commercial solutions.

Convert MBOX to PST with FreeWare Tools:

  1. First of all, the free converters are stuffed with either ads or malware. Let’s face it: everyone wants some kind of a profit out of the services they provide. So, installing a freeware tool increases the risk of getting bloatware installed on your computer that aren’t easy to uninstall. And the interfaces of such tools are made worse by all the ads they contain.
  2. No proper algorithms to convert the information cleanly from MBOX to PST. This might not have been an issue 10 years ago from today because all the email files storing them would be nothing more than text. But the emails of today contain a lot more complex items than just text. They contain headers, metadata, images, attachments, folders and folder structure, and so on. No freeware solutions could have the dedicated processing logic to convert all of those information elements properly.
  3. Poorly built interfaces: Email migration can be hard. But the traditional tools, even the paid ones, don’t know how to simplify it. They end up with complex interfaces that even the hard-trained users and experts in email migration find it hard to navigate their way around the UI. They do not eliminate the unnecessary manual inputs and steps and make the job longer than necessary.
  4. No support: And to top it all off, none of these freeware tools have any kind of technical support at all. So, with the poor interfaces, lack of proper algorithms and features, and risk of data safety, they also have no help whatsoever. You are usually on your own.

Clearly, to convert MBOX to PST with freeware solutions is not the wisest decision you could make.

Here’s the Pro tool to Convert MBOX to PST

If you don’t know of any professional MBOX to PST converter, you can go with “Mail Extractor Pro” from USL Software. You cannot go wrong with it. USL Software has helped thousands of users migrate millions of emails in total with utmost precision and efficiency. “Mail Extractor Pro” doesn’t offer any of the challenges listed above.

convert mbox to pst freeware

Mail Extractor Pro — Convert MBOX to PST and Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox to MS Outlook (PST)

It is easy to use, has a simple interface. Mail Extractor Pro is equipped with advanced features but without overwhelming its UI, converts data using precise processing logic, and is backed up by 24×7 tech support from USL Software.

It converts from multiple sources to PST file format. You can easily import the converted PST file into both Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook.

Convert MBOX to PST Free Trial Version

Download the trial version here to see it working in action.

Get it here:

In trial mode, it will convert ten items per folder, giving you enough chance to see how accurate it is with data conversion, and how easily you can interact with its UI.

It support any *.mbox files. To convert mbox to pst file, try ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ today.

To convert mbox to pst freeware is not a good idea, choose a professional tool today.

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